Reflections on losing my dad

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This time last year, after a tweet I wrote about missing my dead father went viral, I was approached by a very nice editor at a very nice publishing company to put together a proposal for a book. The idea was to amass a collection of short essays on objects that trigger grief and raise some money for The Samaritans in the process.

I’m not a writer, but at that time our family had just been hit with the desperate news that my brother-in-law’s brain cancer was terminal. Christmas was an agony we all wanted an escape from. …


A few words about the disintegration of language and why I don’t have to listen to your shitty opinions.

A few days ago I wrote a tweet that got shared a lot. It wouldn’t qualify as viral, but the sentiment — an off the cuff, satirical joke made in the immediate wake of Steve Bannon’s appointment as Trump’s Chief Strategist — struck a chord with enough of you that eventually it was hitting the timelines of users who don’t know me, or hadn’t seen the tweet it followed off from. Some of those people, as might be expected, decided on their own interpretation of my nine short words.

The overwhelming majority of readers got it immediately. It struck…

Rachael Prior

Film Producer. London. Twitter @ORachaelO

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