• Mark McKimmy

    Mark McKimmy

    Ph.D. in Procrastination, Masters in Mediocrity, Bachelors in Banality, Wannabe writer & human. Not an expert about anything. I write whatever comes to mind.

  • G.M Stone

    G.M Stone

    I finished my first novel, but I can’t let it go. writer.gm.stone@gmail.com

  • John M. White

    John M. White

    Filmmaker, photographer, Philadephia enthusiast.

  • Michael Maupin

    Michael Maupin

    Writer, editor, and media maker. Blogs at Completely in the Dark (www.completelydark.com) and lives in Minneapolis, MN. I notice things.

  • Zeiniz Virani

    Zeiniz Virani

    #CIO | #Tech | #Digital | #FitTech | #EdTech | #CHD Dad | #MUFC | #Progressive | #Pluralist | #Trekkie | #DCComics | #Marvel

  • Sasha Bronner

    Sasha Bronner

  • Daisy Dalen

    Daisy Dalen

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